Dr. William Knudson Offers Advice on Getting Your Feet Flip-Flop Ready

Dr. William KnudsonSummer is right around the corner and that means hibernating toes are about to experience a breath of fresh air. Here, Dr. William Knudson touches base on foot care with advice on how to feel confident when your feet are finally free.

Practice with a Pumice

A pumice stone is a foot’s best friend all year, says Dr. William Knudson. But it is especially important in the spring and summer months when feet are exposed. Soak feet in warm water, infused with black tea or Epsom salt, for about 15 minutes. Pat dry then carefully smooth away calloused and cracked skin.

Moisturize Meticulously

Once the skin has been softened, Dr. William Knudson suggests moisturizing with a petroleum-based cream or lotion.  

Fight Fungus

Fungus thrives in warm, damp conditions, such as by the pool. Wage a preemptive war on fungi by using an antifungal treatment. Powders and sprays work best on sweaty feet while dry dogs can benefit from the added moisture of an antifungal lotion.

Sever Ties with the Sun

Most people never even consider their feet’s exposure to harmful UV rays, says Dr. William Knudson. A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 will help protect against painful sunburns.

Stand Securely with Support

Arch supports are an excellent way to keep feet healthy all year. An arch support should be strong enough to provide real reinforcement whether feet are slowly sauntering or running rampant with their seasonal sovereignty.

Trim Those Toenails

According to Dr. William Knudson, many people enjoy visiting a nail salon in the spring and summer, but then fail to address with their pedicure provider the technique they are using to trim the toenails. There is a right way and a wrong way to remove excess length. Cuticles should be pushed back, never cut, and the nail itself should be gently nipped with a tool that accounts for its natural curvature.