Dr. William Knudson Shares Tips for Healthy Summer Feet

Dr William KnudsonWinter is over. It’s time to unleash the beasts…the beasts that have been hidden away in boots and socks for months. Feet, it’s time to shine! Here, Dr. William Knudson offers helpful hints on making feet as summer ready as possible because…who wants to wear UGGS in August?

Make feet neat with a pedicure

Dr. William Knudson suggests booking a pedicure at least twice during summer to help feet look their best. Unlike other periodic beauty treatments, a pedicure offers immediate visible results. And, pedicures are not just for women. More and more men these days are opting to have their toenails trimmed by a professional, reports Dr. William Knudson.

Hygiene is key

Appropriate hygiene means more than simply washing feet every day. According to Dr. William Knudson, keeping feet clean and odor free also means paying careful attention to the shoes they are in. Shoes, explains Dr. William Knudson, should be rotated often – ideally every day – to allow them to air out and give the foot a chance to recover from wearing them. Additionally, toenails should be cut and filed as needed and feet should be kept soft and smooth with a high-quality lotion and pumice stone.

Find the right footwear

Dr. William Knudson says that many foot issues are exacerbated by wearing ill-fitting footwear. Women should be careful about wearing thin-soled heels as these can put unnecessary pressure on the feet. Men should also pay close attention that work boots or dress shoes fit appropriately and are worn with socks made of natural fibers.

While it’s easy to overlook our feet during the winter, Dr. William Knudson emphasizes that foot care is something that should be given priority year-round. With proper care and attention, feet can go bare on a moment’s notice without worry of embarrassment.