Dr. William Knudson Gives Brief Overview of Over-the-Counter Foot Treatments

Dr. William KnudsonAs a licensed podiatrist for over 15 years, Dr. William Knudson is an expert about medications and treatments used to thwart foot pain.

Q: Is there a single cause behind most cases of foot pain or discomfort?

Dr. William Knudson: A number of causes have been revealed throughout the years, so confirmation from an experienced podiatrist is advisable. Many treatments allow the patient to maintain proper foot health without bearing considerable expense. With dozens of over-the-counter treatments now available on the market, patients can treat foot pain without breaking the bank. If the pain disrupts quality of life, professional therapy may still be necessary, however.

Q: What’s perhaps the most common ailment of today’s patients?

Dr. William Knudson: Many patients have suffered from fallen arches. Fallen arches most often benefit from a combination of ice and rest. These twin measures can reduce inflammation and ease discomfort. Arch supports in the shoes have also been shown to provide some much-needed relief.

Q: How do your patients know if the problem is in fact a fungal infection?

Dr. William Knudson: A fungal infection is most notable for the presence of itchiness and blistering around the infected area. A podiatrist is highly experienced in treating fungal infections and can recommend any number of over-the-counter powders and creams to provide a solution for this annoying and sometimes painful condition.

Q: Can the presence of plantar warts be treated with an over-the-counter?

Dr. William Knudson: An over-the-counter medication is also available for softening a plantar wart. If the medication fails to do the trick, book an appointment with a podiatrist to address the issue. Shoes that work to support the foot’s arch can generally ease suffering. One more recommended tip is to rest the feet on a frequent basis. Women should avoid spending long periods of time in high heels.